Telynwyr Llio is a group of young traditional Welsh harpers all playing the Welsh Triple Harp. They are taught in the traditional manner in the same way as their teacher, Llio Rhydderch, was herself taught by her teacher, Nansi Richards. They never use written music but learn the music by watching and listening. They are encouraged to interpret the airs which they learn in this way in their own improvised versions.

The group is unique in that its members continue a tradition, through their teacher, in an unbroken teacher-pupil relationship extending back through centuries to the old Welsh harpers and yet their music is internationally recognised as contemporary.

Telynwyr Llio have performed in concerts throughout Wales, on radio and television including Hart Davies History series on BBC2. They have performed on tour at theatres throughout Wales with the Sioned Huws Dance Company. Individual members have performed with Llio in Music Festivals, nationally and internationally. Elin and Hafwen Catrin Thomas (also a founder member) toured with Llio in Ireland and France.

The music of Telynwyr Llio can be heard on Llio's CDs Telyn and Melangell. Elin Wyn Jones also performs with Llio on two tracks on Melangell where her own variations can be heard in Blodau'r Grug. She also performs on Llio's third CD Enlli released summer 2002 under the Fflach Tradd label.